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Doctoral Programme

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The Institute has a full-time Ph.D. programme for students and as well as teaching scholars. The emphasis of the programme is not on the number of candidates admitted but on the quality of work. As a result of this, and the facilities (albeit limited), freedom and flexibility which the students enjoy, the doctoral theses of the Institute have won recognition for their quality, rigour, and originality. Some of them have been revised and published as books, while material from quite a few others has been revised and published in scholarly journals.

At present three different categories are available for the doctoral programme:

1. ICSSR Doctoral Fellowships

2. RBI Doctoral Fellowships

3. The Mrs Elizabeth Adiseshiah Ph.D. Merit Scholarship

Selection Procedure: The selection is on the basis of qualifications, research proposal (not exceeding 750 words) and personal interview.

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