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D Jayaraj
Madras Institute of Development Studies
79, Second Main Road, Gandhinagar,
Adyar, Chennai - 600 020
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

E-mail: jayaraj@mids.ac.in

Tel: 0091-44-24412589 / 24419771 Extn: 304; Fax: 0091 - 44 - 24910872


Area of Research: Rural Labour Market; Poverty Studies; Demography; and Gender Issues.

Papers Published / Accepted for Publication

"Factors Contributing to the Declining Trend in Sex Differentials in Mortality in India: An Exploratory Analysis", Economic and Political Weekly, (Forthcoming).

"Generalised Deprivation and Infant Mortality in Rural India", in K Navaneethan, A. Dharmalingam and G. Caselli (eds): Poverty, Nutrition and Mortality: A Comparative Perspective, CICRED (Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography), Paris, 2008.

(with S.Subramanian) "Out of School and (Probably) in Work: Child Labour and Capability Deprivation in India", Journal of South Asian Development, Sage Publications, 2007.

(with S.Subramanian) "Comparing the Age Structures of Populations", Applied Economic Letters, Routledge: Taylor & Francis, 2007.

(with S.Subramanian) "Horizontal and Vertical Inequality: Some Interconnections and Indicators", Social Indicators Research, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2006.

(with S.Subramanian) "Assessing the 'Agedness' of a Population", Social Indicators Research, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2005.

"Social Institutions and the Structural Transformation of the Rural Workforce", in Barbara Harriss-White and S.Janakarajan (With contributions from Diego Colatei, Susan Erb, Lisa Gold, D Jayaraj, Paul Nillesen, Ruhi Saith and M V Srinivasan): Rural India Facing the 21st Century: Essays on Long Term Village Change and Recent Development Policy in South India, Anthem Publishers, U.K., 2004.

(with S.Subramanian) "Women?s Well-being and the Sex Ratio at Birth: Some Suggestive Evidence From India", Journal Development Studies, Frank Cass, U.K., June 2004.

with S.Subramanian) "Abusing Demography: A Review Article*", The Economic and Political Weekly, March 20, 2004.

*Religious Demography of India, by A.P. Joshi, M.D.Srinivas and J.K. Bajaj, Centre for Policy Studies: Chennai, 2003. Pp. xxii + 358. Price: Rs.800.

(with S. Subramanian) "Child Labour in Tamilnadu in the 1980s: A Preliminary Account of Its Nature, Extent and Distribution", Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XXXVII, No 10, March 9, 2002.

(with S.Subramanian) "Assessing the 'Femaleness' of a Population", Journal of Development Economics, North‑Holland, Vol. 61, 2000.

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"Determinants of Rural Non‑agricultural Employment: A Village Level Analysis of the Data for Tamilnadu", in Themes in Development Economics: Essays in Honour of Malcom S.Adiseshiah ed. S.Subramanian, Oxford University Press, Delhi 1992.

"Spatial Pricing Efficiency in Groundnut Markets in Tamilnadu", Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Jan‑Mar 1992.

Selected Working / Discussion Papers and Monographs

(with K. Nagaraj) Socio-Economic Factors Underlying Growth of Silk-Weaving in the Arni Region - A Preliminary Study", S Guhan Memorial Series, Monograph 5, 2006.

(with S. Subramanian): "The Distribution of Household Wealth in India", UNU-WIDER Research Paper RP2006/116, 2006.

(with S. Subramanian): "Out of School and (Probably) in Work: Child Labour and Capability Deprivation in India", UNU-WIDER Research Paper RP2005/55, 2005.

"The Sex Ratio at Birth and its Determinants: an Exploratory Analysis", S. Guhan Memorial Series Discussion Paper 5: MIDS, 2001.

(with S. Subramanian): "Group Affiliation, Externality, and the Measurement of Poverty", S. Guhan Memorial Series Discussion Paper 1: MIDS, 2000.

Work in Progress:

Work is in progress on themes related to: (i) Capability Deprivation in Rural India, (ii) Mortality Differentials, (iii) Infant Mortality,
(iv) "Missing Women", and (v) Development and Declining Sex Ratio.