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Contributions to Journals - Malcolm S Adiseshiah

  1. Role of big industries, Capital, November, 1977

  2. India and the new international economic order, Yojana, January, 1980

  3. India and the new international economic order, Yojana (Annual), January, 1980

  4. Energy in the Eighties, Capital, October, 1980

  5. Sixth Plan: Some summary, Yojana, March, 1981

  6. Indian Planning scene: Is foreign aid a barrier to, Capital, December, 1981

  7. Trends in Tamil Nadu economy, Commerce (supplement), September, 1982

  8. Balance of trade and payments in the mid VI Plan and the mid year 1982-83, Economic Journalist, November, 1982

  9. Tamil Nadu economy: A review particularly for 1982-83, MIDS Bulletin, January, 1983

  10. The Union Budget and economic growth, Commerce, March, 1983

  11. Of plans and promises, Seminar, April, 1983

  12. Education: Doing or not doing the job - (Of diffusing the scientific temper), Yojana, May, 1983

  13. The VII Plan - A one point proposal (Special Issue), Yojana , September, 1983

  14. The mixed economy today: Suggestions for the VII Plan, Capital, January, 1984

  15. `The dirty ones' - Planners, Yojana, May, 1984

  16. Can voluntary agencies do the job in VII Plan, Yojana, September, 1984

  17. Planning and implementation at the district level, MIDS Bulletin, December, 1984

  18. Some notes on regional economic development and the Budget, Commerce, February, 1985

  19. Contribution of decentralised planning to growth of development, (Economic Trends) Special supplement, February, 1985

  20. Some notes on Tamil Nadu economy, MIDS Bulletin, February, 1985

  21. Some thoughts on the economy sans black money, Yojana, March, 1985

  22. Education's role in building a secular India, Yojana, May, 1985

  23. Unesco's contribution to education and science, India Quarterly in Unesco, June, 1985

  24. The unfinished task, Seminar, June, 1985

  25. The place of Mohan Singh Mehta in adult education, Indian Adult Education Journal, July, 1985

  26. Some lessons from 35 years of planning, Yojana, September, 1985

  27. Ensuring a faster growth rate for Indian economy, Capital (annual), September, 1985

  28. Some notes on the long term fiscal policies, Yojana, January, 1986

  29. Social change in India - Special services perspectives: The role economics, Social Change, February, 1986

  30. Opportunities and challenges, Economic Trends (Special supplement), March, 1986

  31. Education reforms perspectives in India, Regional office for education in Asia and South Pacific Bulletin, March, 1986

  32. The economy in 2001 AD, Yojana, April, 1986

  33. A tentative balance sheet of the new education policy, New Frontiers in Education, September, 1986

  34. Problems and a programme of national integration, Yojana, November, 1986

  35. Is there an economic rationale for SAARC, South Asia Journal, March, 1987

  36. 1987-88 Budget - Is the glass half full or half empty? Link, March, 1987

  37. The Indian economy in the four decade, Yojana (Special Issue), May, 1987

  38. Nuclear energy in Indian development in 2000, IASSI, June, 1987

  39. Is it we or the Plan that has economic gone wrong? Journalist, December, 1987

  40. Poverty: Its what, why and how?, Yojana, December, 1987

  41. Pre-Budget survey of the economy, Link, January, 1988

  42. S C Dutta - Multifaceted adult educator, Indian Journal of Adult Education, March, 1988

  43. The impossibilities of secularilism, Yojana, May, 1988

  44. A brief preview of educational planning in India today, Journal of Education and Social Change, August, 1988

  45. Panchayati Raj - The malady and the remedy, Yojana, October, 1988

  46. Disarmament and the development, Economic Journalist, December, 1988

  47. Our plans and their elusive employment objective, Economic and Social Change, December, 1988

  48. Present profits of commercial banking, Banking Finance, March, 1989

  49. Nehru - the human person and the development of the human person in India, Kurukshetra, August, 1989

  50. The Nehruvian heritage and India's future, Link, September, 1989

  51. Competitiveness in the private sector in the VII Plan, Indian Merchants Chamber, October, 1989

  52. Demography and development, Yojana, November, 1989

  53. The right to work, Kurukshetra, January, 1990

  54. Demography and development: Some facets, Yojana, January, 1990

  55. Our financial situation and beyond, Link, February, 1990

  56. The economic adequacy of the budget, Journal of Institute of Company Secretaries, March, 1990

  57. Is the Budget Hard or Soft, Southern Economist, March, 1990

  58. Unorganised labour and rural development, Yojana, June, 1990

  59. Rural development in the approach paper, Kurukshetra, June, 1990

  60. Some thoughts on a quick view of the national policy on education 1986, Journal of Education and Social Change, August, 1990

  61. The major tasks confronting the 1991-92, Patriot, February, 1991

  62. Industrial finance: Its scope and efficacy, Yojana, May, 1991

  63. The Union Budget 1991-92: Some quick comments, Southern Economist, July, 1991

  64. Implementation machinery and problems of rural development, Kurukshetra, August, 1991

  65. The financial mess and the Union Budget 1991-92, Economic Growth and Social Change, August, 1991

  66. A quick view of the 1992-93 budget, Southern Economist, February, 1992

  67. Some five urgencies confronting the 1992-93 Budget, The Illustrated Weekly of India, February, 1992

  68. Some facets of the economic aspects of the 1992-93 Budget, Chartered Secretary, March, 1992

  69. Some comments on some of the IMF `conditionalities', Banking Finance, March, 1992

  70. Role of society, particularly the private sector in university education, University News(AIU), June, 1992

  71. Some thoughts on rural industrialisation and the Eighth Plan (1992-97), Yojana, June, 1992

  72. Some alternative economic scenario, Link, June, 1992

  73. My journey through adult education, Convergence, July, 1992

  74. Some comments on honey bee.  Experiments in Education, August, 1992

  75. Role of the library in the university, University News (AIU), August, 1992

  76. Economic outlook for 1993, Dalal Street, December, 1992

  77. Notes on status of the economy and some mid course corrections Economic Growth and Social Change, ., February, 1993

  78. Some Changes – Positive and negative in 1968 to 1993 on to 2000 in the Indian economy, Industrial Economist, March, 1993

  79. Is the 1993-94 budget a given away budget, Southern Economist, March, 1993

  80. Some thoughts on the 1993-94 budget, Chartered Secretary, March, 1993

  81. First comments on the 1993-94 budget, Yojana, March, 1993

  82. Agriculture and national economy, Yojana, May, 1993

  83. Building the environment for the spread of literacy, Literacy and Development, June, 1993

  84. Some comments on Tamil Nadu An economic appraisal, 1991, MIDS Bulletin, July, 1993

  85. Gandhian values and our future: A note for inaugural issue, Gandhian International, Quarterly, July, 1993

  86. Some notes on population growth and rural development, Kurukshetra, September, 1993

  87. Some notes on population growth and rural development, Kurukshetra, October, 1993

  88. Education as a tool for economic change, Yojana, November, 1993

  89. Notes on some seven questions raised by the current (1993-94) budget to the faced by the 1994-95 budget, Industrial Economist, December, 1993

  90. Globalisation of Indian economy, Economic Growth and Social Change, January, 1994

  91. Some quick comments on 1994-95 Union Budget, Southern Economist, March, 1994

  92. Literacy lags and the resources needed, Industrial Economist, March, 1994

  93. Some thoughts on the 1994-95 budget, Bull’s Eye, March, 1994

  94. The fall-out on the economy of the Union Budget, Yojana, March, 1994

  95. Some notes on the Tamil Nadu economic appraisal, 1992-93, MIDS Bulletin, April, 1994

  96. Women and national development, Kurukshetra, April, 1994

  97. The place of small scale sector and the economic reforms, Nandini Chemical, June, 1994