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  1. POPULAR – Rural Management and Politics of Trees and Forests (Western Ghats), Funded by Agence National de Recherche (France) – Ajit Menon.

  2. Analyses of discourse on sustainable development in forest policies and of local practices in tree and forest management funded by The Centre for National De La Recherche Scientifique, Public Establishment for Scientific and Technological Research, 3 RueMichel Ange 75794 Paris Cedex 16, France – Ajit Menon

  3. A School for the Subject, Funded by ICSSR – Ananta Kumar Giri

  4. State Development Report of Pondicherry, Funded by Union Planning Commission, New Delhi – G S Ganesh Prasad

  5. Neighborhood Associations as Collective Actors: A Comparative Study of Chennai and Bangalore, Funded by The Center for the Future State, IDS, Sussex, UK – Karen Coelho

  6. Informal Local Governance Institutions, State and Public Action, funded by Centre for Future State, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK – Kripa Ananthpur

  7. Studying the extent to which people’s participation can enhance governance outcomes and improve local governance performances in 200 villages in Karnataka, funded by The World Bank – Kripa Ananthpur

  8. Informal Local Governance Institutions, State and Public Action in ASIA Contract No.08/259 Project No.GO/01514/3E, IDS, Sussex – Kripa Ananthpur

  9. From conflict to cooperation: Complementing urban and peri-urban interests – A GIS based analysis Fund saved from the DFID project (NEGOWAT) - S Janakarajan

  10. Adaptation and Livelihood Resilience: IDRC and GEF (through UNDP) - S Janakarajan

  11. Resurvey of Slater Villages, Funded by Simon Fraser University, Canada – K Nagaraj

  12. A Study of Rural social Economic Change in Tamil Nadu, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver – K Nagaraj

  13. The Indo-Danish Cultural Encounter with Special Reference to Print in the Eighteenth Century, funded by The Tranquebar Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark – A R Venkatachalapathy

  14. Neighbourhood Associations As Urban Collective Actors: A Comparative Study of Bangalore and Chennai, funded by Centre for the Future State, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK – Vijayabaskar and Karen Coelho

  15. Transofrming Livelihoods: Work, Migration and Poverty in the Tirupuur Garment Cluster, India
    ESRC, UK – Vijayabaskar

  16. Politics of India's Special Economic Zones (I Phase) The Centre de Sciences Humanes (CSH),
    New Delhi - Vijayabaskar

  17. Urban Water Sector Reforms & Poverty Reduction : In Search of Appropriate Institutions - A Case Study of Bangalore City, India, Global Development Network, New Delhi – L Venkatachalam

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