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Founder’s Day Lectures

Transporting India to the 2030s: What Do We Need To Do?, Rakesh Mohan, Distinguished Fellow, Brookings India, 2016.

The Market Economy: Theory, Ideology and Reality,  C.T. Kurien, Former Director and Chairperson, MIDS, 2015.

Public Finance in India: Development, Equity and Political Economy, M.  Govinda Rao, Member, 14th Finance Commission of India, 2014.

China’s Success Trap: Lessons for Development Theory, Manoranjan Mohanty, Faculty Member, Council for Social Development, New Delhi, 2013.

The Language of Social Sciences in India, Gopal Guru, Professor of Political Theory and Chairperson, Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi, 2011.

The Power of Uncertainty: Reflections on the Nature of Transformational Initiatives, Mihir Shah, Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, 2010.

Lineages of Political Society, Partha Chatterjee, Professor, CSSS, Calcutta, 2009.

Growth of a Wasteland, Amit Bhaduri, Professor Emeritus, JNU, Delhi, 2008.

Development as a Human Right or as Political Largesse? Does it make any difference?, Upendra Baxi, Professor of Law, University of Warwick, UK, 2006.

Globalization: Its Portents for Indian Culture, U. R. Anantha Murthy, Jnanpith Award Winner, 2004.



Malcolm Adiseshiah Memorial Lectures

Cultural Politics of Environment and Development: The Indian Experience, Amita Baviskar, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Delhi, 2005.

Whither the Indian Village?: Culture and Agriculture in “Rural” India, Dipankar Gupta, Professor, CSSS, JNU, Delhi, 2004.

State, Households and Markets in Education, Jandhyala B G Tilak, Professor, NIEPA, New Delhi, 2003.

Gender Inequalities: Neglected Dimensions and Hidden Facets, Bina Agarwal, Professor, IEG, Delhi, 2002.


Themes in Social Sector Research: The S Guhan Memorial Series

Recent Titles

Series Outline

Professor S.Guhan (1933-1998) was one of the most distinguished civil servants and academicians the State of Tamilnadu has produced. He joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1955, having been ranked first in the all-India competitive examination, and took voluntary retirement from the Service in 1979. From 1979 to 1993, he was a Senior Fellow at the Madras Institute of Development Studies. Upon retirement from the Institute, he was invited to continue as a Professor Emeritus. While he was in Government Service, he held the positions of Indian Alternate Director at the World Bank (1964-68), Finance Secretary, Government of Tamilnadu (1974-78), and Senior Economist in the Brandt Commission Secretariat (1978-79). During this period, he acquired extensive practical experience in dealing with issues of fiscal economics and international development, which stood him in such good stead in his subsequent research endeavours in these fields. In the course of his career, he served as a consultant to many U.N. and Bretton Woods agencies and as Advisor to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu (1989-90). His untimely demise in 1998 robbed the country of a committed commentator on, and interventionist in, India's development experience. A scholar of remarkable range and versatility, Professor Guhan's research interests covered a wide canvas: international economic relations; issues relating to Tamilnadu's development experience; village studies; poverty-alleviation; social security; public finance; Centre-State relations; and caste discrimination and caste reservations, among many other subjects. Taking his work as a whole, though, it is easy to discern that his most systematic engagement was withy deprivation and its redressal. Against this backgroumd, we at the Madras Institute of Development Studies believe it to be appropriate for us to honour Professor Guhan's memory by dedicating an academic programme to him, of which the Discussion Papers and Monographs subsumed in the S.Guhan Memorial Series on Themes in Social Sector Research constitute one component. The objective of the series is to serve as a forum for the dissemination of knowledge on various aspects of the social sector; poverty, inequality, discrimination, health, education, nutrition, environment, population, and so on. The idea, above all, is to allow for a broad and inclusive strategem of research, one which accommodates differing perspectives and electic orientations, and thereby facilitates studies of the social sector that are motivated by heterogeneous concerns; conceptual, measurement-related, policy-oriented, empirical, or theoretical, as the case may be, it is our hope that this Discussion Paper and Monograph series will help to focus attention on those concerns of human development and well-being which were so integral an aspect of Professor Guhan's own research interests, and will thereby serve the purpose of enabling us to acknowledge - and in some small measure, discharge - a collective institutional debt to him.


Discussion Papers

D. Jayaraj, Extent, Nature, and causes of internal family migrations in India: An exploratory analysis, 2012, Discussion Paper 13.

S. Subramanian, The deprivation distribution profile: A graphical device for comparing alternative regimes of multidimensional poverty, 2009, Discussion Paper 12.

S. Subramanian, A Chakravarty-D’Ambrosio Class of Social Exclusion Measures as a Foster-Greer-Thorbecke Class of Headcount Indices of Multidimensional Deprivation:  An Interpretive and Expository Note, 2009, Discussion Paper 11.

D. Jayaraj, Factors Contributing to the Declining Trend in Sex-Differentials in Mortality in India: An Exploratory Analysis, 2007, Discussion Paper 10.

D. Jayaraj and S. Subramanian, Horizontal and Vertical inequality: Some interconnections and indicators, 2004, Discussion Paper 9.

S. Subramanian, Measuring literacy: Some extensions of the Basu-Foster framework, 2002, Discussion Paper 8.

D. Jayaraj and S. Subramanian, Assessing the 'Agedness' of a Population, 2002, Discussion Paper 7.

D. Jayaraj and S. Subramanian, Comparing the Age Structures of Populations, 2002, Discussion Paper 6.

D. Jayaraj , The Sex Ratio at Birth and its Determinants: an Exploratory Analysis, 2001, Discussion Paper 5.

Manabi Majumdar , The Educational Challenge before the 'Knowledge Economy': Implications for Planning and Financing, 2000, Discussion Paper 4.

S. Subramanian, Poverty Measurement and the Repugnant Conclusion, 2000, Discussion Paper 3.

Des Gaspar , 'Development as Freedom': Taking Economics Beyond Commodities - The Cautious Boldness of Amartya Sen, 2000, Discussion Paper 2.

D. Jayaraj and S. Subramanian, Group Affiliation, Externality, and the Measurement of Poverty, 2000, Discussion Paper 1.

Monograph Series 

K. Sivasubramaniyan and V. Gandhiraj, Irrigation in Tamil Nadu: With special reference to Tank Irrigation, 2009, Monograph Series: 8.

Moana Bhagabati and Rachna G Ganatra, Trade Facilitation and WTO: An Indian Perspective, 2007, Monograph Series 7.

Frank Heidemann, Modernity and Status Autonomy: Reflections on a Survey of Two Tamil Villages, 2007, Monograph Series 6.

D. Jayaraj and K. Nagaraj, Socio-economic factors underlying growth of silk-weaving in the Arni region - A preliminary study, 2006, Monograph Series 5.

V. K. Natraj, Manabi Majumdar, Kripa Ananthpur, G. S. Ganesh Prasad and Indrashis Banerjee, Delegation to Devolution: A comparative study, 2006, Monograph Series 4.

D Jayaraj and K Nagaraj, Socio-economic factors underlying growth of silk-weaving in the Arni region - A preliminary study, 2006, Monograph Series 5.

V K Natraj, Manabi Majumdar, Kripa Ananthpur, G S Ganesh Prasad and Indrashis Banerjee, Delegation to Devolution: A comparative study, 2006, Monograph Series 4.

A. Vaidyanathan and S. Janakarajan , Water management and agriculture in the Palar and the parambikulam aliyar systems in tamilnadu, 2004, Monograph Series 3.

S. Subramanian, Aspects of Global Deprivation and Disparity: A Child's Guide to Some Simple-Minded Arithmetic, 2000, Monograph Series 2.

K Nagaraj, Fertility Decline in Tamil Nadu: Social Capillarity in Action?, 2000, Monograph Series 1.

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