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The environment for achieving development objectives has become complex today. Technological changes and changes in social and political institutions have altered the nature of interventions required to achieve development goals. At the same time, these changes have also presented new opportunities. The operating environment for social science research institutions has also changed. The challenges are more formidable than ever and an open approach to research processes is essential. The opportunities to understand changes in society have expanded, as methods of data collection and processing have improved. In this ever-changing environment, Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS) has made remarkable contributions to understanding the challenges of development.

Malcolm S. Adiseshiah and Elizabeth Adiseshiah founded the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS) in 1971 with the following objectives:

- To undertake studies and research pertaining to development problems with special reference to the agro-rural aspects of Tamil Nadu, and the problems of the economically and socially backward sections of the population throughout the country.
- To conduct seminars and conferences on development problems and programmes of Tamil Nadu.
- To foster inter-university cooperation among social scientists of the universities of the four southern states.
- To promote interdisciplinary research and bring out publications relating to the above three functions.

In 1977, MIDS was reconstituted as a National Institute jointly funded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi and the Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN).

The research foci of the faculty are wide-ranging, from the concerns of development economics, such as agriculture, rural development, industry, urbanisation, and labour, to interdisciplinary areas, such as gender, environment and climate change, human development, social and political movements, and social criticism. The Institute’s vision follows from its core objectives set out by its founders and leading scholars of social science.


To be an interdisciplinary development research institution providing opportunities to promote high-quality development research by enabling scholars to carry out rigorous research and build collaborative interdisciplinary programmes of research regionally, nationally and globally. MIDS aims is to establish itself among India’s leading Centres of Learning and Research on Social and Economic Development. The Institute will be

- a centre of research on the important issues that are of societal concern
- recognised for its deep understanding and insights on wide-ranging issues
- a repository of knowledge resources, research output and data
- a vibrant and dynamic research institution maintaining strong links with other institutions of research and learning.

The Institute continues to scale up its operations to make effective contribution to public discourse and policy analysis, while also producing high-quality research and disseminate it widely. Through seminars and workshops, MIDS has become a centre for critical thinking on development issues relating to India in general and Tamil Nadu in particular. The services of faculty members are sought by state and central governments, autonomous agencies, universities and colleges, and non-governmental and international organisations. MIDS has a publication cycle that focuses on bringing frontier research in the areas of economic, cultural and social development to the public, with equal importance on quality and reach.

I welcome you to MIDS to explore our research and academic activities.

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