List of Awarded Ph.D Thesis
  1. A. Bhavana, Contributions and Controversies - Special Economic Zones, Supervisor: Dr. G.S. Ganesh Prasad, 2024.
  2. Andrew Michael, Impact of MGNREGS on Rural Development with special reference to a rights-based approach in Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: Prof Kripa Ananthpur, 2024.
  3. Pema Choden Bhutia, Estimating the Recreational Value of Ecotourism Benefits: Travel Cost Method, Supervisor: Prof. L. Venkatachalam, 2023.
  4. Aparajay Kumar Singh, Distributional Analysis of Group Differentials Relating to Deprivation, Supervisor: D Jayaraj, 2022.
  5. R. Sethunath, Parental Perceptions on Schooling: Unravelling the School Choice Process in Kerala, Supervisor: Karen Coelho, June 2022.
  6. G. Surabi, Contract Farming in Southern India, Supervisor: Ajit Menon, June 2022.
  7. S. Suriya, Gender and the Hindu Marriage Reform: A Case Study of Legalising Self-Respect Marriage in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: S Anandhi, May 2022.
  8. Safwan Amir, The Muslim Barbers of Malabar: Histories of Contempt and Ethics of Possibility, Supervisor: A. R. Venkatachalapathy, March 2022.
  9. Preetha. K. V, Politics and Dynamics of Environment and Development: The Political Ecology of a Proposed Ultra Mega Power Project in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: Ajit Menon, 2020
  10. Deepa. E, Women in the Informal Sector Work : A Case Study of Paid Domestic Workers in Chennai Urban Slum, Supervisor. S. Anandhi, 2020
  11. N. A. Arivukkarasi, Structural Changes in a Household Industry in Tamil Nadu: A Case of Silk Weaving in the Arni Region, Supervisor: K. Nagaraj, 2019
  12. V. P. Nirmal Roy, Financialisation of Land and Implications: The Case of Land Markets in Kerala, Supervisor: M. Vijayabaskar, 2019
  13. B. S. Sumalatha, Technological Change and Commodity Future Markets, Supervisor: Supervisor: M. Vijayabaskar. 2018
  14. S. Vanathy, Growing Urban Water Stress, Myopic Policies and Fragmented Institutions: The Case of Chennai City, Supervisor: S. Janakarajan. 2017.
  15. M. Arivalagan, Forests, Environmental Change and Tribal Communities in Colonial Tamilnadu, Supervisor: A.R. Venkatachalapathy. 2016.
  16. Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati, Assessment of Vulnerability and Farm Households' Adaptive Behaviour to Extreme Climatic Events: A Study of Cyclone and Flood in Odisha, India, Supervisor: L. Venkatachalam. 2015.
  17. S.Kumaran, Public Expenditure in Tamil Nadu: A Study on Health and Education Expenditure, Supervisor: M. Thangaraj , 2015
  18. Rajakishor Mahana, Resisting Domination, Conflicts over Development and Tribal Movements in Contemporary Orissa, Supervisor: Ananta Kumar Giri. 2014.
  19. J. Balasubramaniam, Dalits and Print Media: A Historical Study, Supervisor: A.R. Venkatachalapathy. 2014.
  20. Ann George, Issues of Well Being, Supervisor: Padmini Swaminathan. 2011.
  21. Jerome Samraj, The Question of land to the Dalits A Historical Perspective Economics, Supervisor: M. Thangaraj. 2010.
  22. Gayathri Balagopal, Morbidity, Medical Treatment, Social Care and Economic Support of the Elderly: A Case Study Among the Urban Poor in Tamil Nadu State, Supervisor: K. Nagaraj. 2009.
  23. Mahendra Nayak, Characteristics and Functioning of Formal and Informal Water Control Institutions and Water Governance in Orissa, Supervisor: S. Janakarajan. 2009.
  24. K.Kalpana. , Negotiating Vulnerabilities: Conflict and Collaboration in Self Help Group based Micro Credit in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: Padmini Swaminathan. 2009.
  25. Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra , Intricies of Canal Irrigation Management and Water Governance in India: The Case of Hirakud Command Area, Orissa, Supervisor: S.Janakarajan. 2008.
  26. M. Velusamy, Indian Constitution and Dalit Welfare: A Study of Tamil Nadu 1950-2005 Community Development, Supervisor: P. Radhakrishnan. 2008.
  27. Srinivas D.B.N., Land, Caste and Economic Mobility: A Case Study in Deltaic Andhra, c.1866-2001, Supervisor: K. Nagaraj. 2005.
  28. Fr.Antony Raj, Child Labour in rural Tamil Nadu: with special emphasis on Invisible child workers, Supervisor: D. Jayaraj. 2004.
  29. Venkatachalam. L., Regional natural resource accounting, Supervisor: Paul P. Appasamy. 2002.
  30. Ajit Menon, Common property resources and joint forces management, Supervisor: Paul P. Appasamy. 2001.
  31. Akila. R., Caste and Gender in Women's Education: A Study of Tamil Nadu, 1854-1996, Supervisor: P. Radhakrishnan. 2000.
  32. Millie Nihila, Industrialization and health: A Study of leather tanning industry in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: Padmini Swaminathan. 1999.
  33. K. Sivasubramaniyan, Irrigation Institutions in Two Large Multi-Village Tanks of Tamil Nadu: Structure, Functioning and Impact, Supervisor: A. Vaidyanathan. 1997.
  34. K.T. Thomson, Growth Technology and levels of living of fishermen in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1995.
  35. J. Jeyaranjan , A Village Economy in Transition: A Study of the Processes of Change in Iluppakkorai, Tamilnadu, 1960-1985, Supervisor: C. T. Kurien. 1995.
  36. R. Rukmani Ramani, Problems of housing in Madras urban agglomeration, Supervisor: K. Nagaraj. 1994.
  37. V. Chandrasekara Naidu, Economic processes and the weaker sections: a Comparative study of two villages in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1993.
  38. Asha Krishnakumar, Groundnut Economy of Tamil Nadu: a Study of spatial and temporal variations in production and productivity, Supervisor: A. Vaidyanathan. 1992.
  39. K. Bharathan, The Handloom Industry in Tamil Nadu: A Study of Organizational structure, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1990.
  40. S. Janakarajan, Aspects of market interrelationship in a changing agrarian economy: A Case study from Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1988.
  41. V. K. Ramachandran, Socio-economic characteristics of agricultural labourers in a vanguard agrarian region, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1988.
  42. M.S.S. Pandian, Political economy of agrarian change in Nanchilnadu: the late 19th century to 1939, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1988.
  43. P. Usha, Leather Industry in Tamil Nadu: Study of structural change during 1960-80 with special reference to 1973 export trade control policy, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1985.
  44. Josef James, Urbanisation and economic change in Tamil Nadu, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1984.
  45. P. Rajkumar, Household Savings, Patterns, Determinants and Motivations, Supervisor: C.T. Kurien. 1982.
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