Prof. K. L. Krishna

Areas of Research: Econometrics - (Methodology and Applications); Industrial Economics; Economics of Productivity; Regional Inequality & Empirics of Trade. 

Prof. Shashanka Bhide (Retired)

Areas of Research: Development Issues covering Agriculture, Infrastructure Development, Rural Housing, Poverty Dynamics and Macroeconomic modelling.

A R Venkatachalapathy
Professor and Officiating Director

Areas of Research: Social history; cultural history and intellectual history.

Ananta Kumar Giri

Areas of Research: Social movements and social transformation; social theory, criticism and creativity.

Ajit Menon

Areas of Research: The political economy of natural resource use and environmental policy; decentralization and state-civil society dynamics; environmental history and agrarian transformation.

L Venkatachalam
Professor (RBI Chair)

Areas of Research: Environmental economics; ecological economics, behavioural economics and institutional economics.

M Vijayabaskar

Areas of Research:  Industrial organisation; labour markets and their articulation with technological change and product market dynamics.

S Anandhi

Areas of Research: Gender; caste and identity politics.

K Sivasubramaniyan
Associate Professor

Areas of Research: Agriculture; water management; irrigation; irrigation institutions; rural development; village studies; coastal environment management; pollution problems.

Kripa Ananth Pur
Associate Professor

Areas of Research: Civil society and governance; local institutions; local governance; farmers' movements; and women's political participation in local governance.

C Lakshmanan
Associate Professor

Areas of Research:  Political theory and culture;  Political economy; Dravidian politics; Subordinated social groups / movement; Governance and Film studies.

Karen Coelho
Assistant Professor

Areas of Research: Urban anthropology, state reforms and urban water management.

Shesadri Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Areas of Research: New Keynesian Macroeconomics, Business cycles and Inflation Dynamics, Fiscal and Monetary Policies, and Macro-econometric modelling

Assistant Professor

Areas of Research: Food and nutrition security, Sustainable production and consumption of food commodities, Energy, water and natural resource and management

Krishanu Pradhan
Assistant Professor

Areas of Research: Public Finance, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Economic Growth Theory, Mathematical Economics

A Kalaiyarasan
Assistant Professor

 Areas of Research: Economic Development, Political Economy of Inequality, Institutional Change and Regional Political Economy.

K Jafar
Assistant Professor

 Areas of Research: Interested in development with focus on its link with education, labour migration, financial inclusion, local planning, informality, IPRs and gender


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