C Lakshmanan
Associate Professor
Madras Institute of Development Studies
79, Second Main Road, Gandhinagar,
Adyar, Chennai - 600 020
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

E-mail: laxman@mids.ac.in

Tel: 0091-44-24412589 / 24419771 Extn: 303; Fax: 0091 - 44 - 24910872


Ph. D : 2001, Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Thesis on: Personality Cult in Tamil Nadu Politics: A Study of the Culture of Dravidian Parties.
M.Phil : 1992-94 Political Studies, Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Dissertation on: Film and Politics of Tamil Nadu: A Study of Fan Clubs.

Areas of Research
My long-term research interest has been on the "Political Economy of Tamil Film Industry". Besides, I focus on boarder issues of Political Theory, Political Culture, Dravidian Politics, Subordinated Social Groups/movements and Media/ Cultural studies.

Selected Publications
"The Culture of Populism in Tamil Nadu", Journal of the Social Reality, JNU, New Delhi, Vol.1, No.2, Nov-Dec. 1994.
"Dalit's Identity: A Historical Perspective", Journal of Economic News and Views, New Delhi, l.2, No.5, Jan 1-15, 1995.
"Fan Clubs Network of Film Stars and Tamil Politics", Mainstream, New Delhi, May 4, 1996.
"Need for Intellectual Persistence" in Journal of The Third Concept, Special issue for 50th year of India?s Independence, September - 1997,
"Political Parties Blind to Dalit Concerns", The Times of India, New Delhi, 22 April,1998.
"Review the Spirit-Not the Letter", Periyar Era, August, 1998, Chennai.
"Activating Social Capital for Dalit Identity" in Dr. Ambrose Pinto?s (ed.) volume of Assertion Dalit identity, 1999, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.
"Symbiotic Culture of Religion and Politics in Tamil Nadu", in Inukonda Thirumali, (ed.), South India: Regions, Culture and Sagas, 2004, Bibliomatrix, New Delhi, pp.95-103.
"Out-Caste", a book review: Growing Up Untouchable in India: A Dalit Autobiography of Vasant Moon, Translated from the Marathi by Gail Omvedt and Introduction by Eleanor Zelliot, 2002, Vistaar Publications, New Delhi. Economic and Political Weekly, November 29, 2003.
"Dalit Masculinities in Social Science Research: Revisiting a Tamil Village", Economic and Political Weekly, March 6, 2004.

Current Research Work
Currently, I have undertaken, in collaboration with Prof. John Sinclair, Victoria University, Melbourne, a study on "Television, Globalization and Social Change in India". The data collection is completed and a draft report has been submitted. Based on the research findings, we are working on a joint paper on the same theme. Further, I am working on Corporate Social Responsibility and the extension of Reservation for the Dalits (SCs/STs) in Private Sector. Beside, (a) I would be finishing a Working Paper on Dialectics of Indian Democracy: Political Development and Culture; (b) I am also revising my doctoral thesis entitled: "Personality Cult in Tamil Nadu Politics: A Study of the Culture of the Dravidian Parties", for publication by the end of 2005.

79, Second Main Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Phone: 0091-44-2441289 2411574 24412295 24419771. Fax: 0091-44-24910872. E-mail: office@mids.ac.in