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1990 - 1986

  • S. Guhan, Social security initiatives in Tamil Nadu:1989, 1990, Working Paper No.96
  • M. Thangaraj, Trends in fragmentation of operational holdings in India: An exploratory analysis, 1990, Working Paper No.95
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the economy 1990 91, 1990, Working Paper No.94
  • Nasir Tyabji, The genesis of chemical based industrialisation: The case of oilseeds in Madras upto the depression, 1990, Working Paper No.93
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the economy 1989 90, 1989, Working Paper No.92
  • D. Jayaraj, Rural nonfarm employment: An analysis of the village level data for Tamil Nadu, 1989, Working Paper No.91
  • D. Jayaraj, Determinants of rural non agricultural employment, 1989, Working Paper No.90
  • P. Radhakrishnan, Backward classes in Tamil Nadu: 1872 1988, 1989, Working Paper No.89
  • Paul P Appasamy, Managing pollution in the waterways of Madras city: An initial assessment, 1989, Working Paper No.88
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the economy 1988 89, 1988, Working Paper No.87
  • V. Chandrasekara Naidu, Some aspects of agro economic transformation in Tamil Nadu: A case study of Enathimelpakkam village, 1988, Working Paper No.86
  • Christophe Guilmoto, The Sircar's idle curiosity: Critical evaluation of Tamil Nadu's demographic sources, 1871 1981, 1988, Working Paper No.85
  • R.N. Poduval, Agricultural growth and equity, 1988, Working Paper No.84.
  • Nasir Tyabji, Focussing state aid to industry Madras: 1921 1997, 1988, Working Paper No.83
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid term assessment of the seventh plan (1985 86 to 1989 90) and mid year review of the economy 1987 88, 1987, Working Paper No.82
  • U. Kalpagam, Aspects of urban labour force in India:II, 1987, Working Paper No.81
  • U. Kalpagam, Aspects of urban labour force in India:1, 1987, Working Paper No.80
  • V. K. Ramachandran, General election 1984 in Gokilapuram: A case study of voting behaviour, 1987, Working Paper No.79
  • A. Vaidyanathan, Labour use in rural India: A study of spatial and temporal variations, 1986, Working Paper No.78
  • S. Guhan, State finance in Tamil Nadu: 1960 85 A review of trends and policy, 1986, Working Paper No.77
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the economy 1986 87, 1986, Working Paper No.76
  • R.N. Poduval assisted by C. Annadurai, The foodgrain economy of Tamil Nadu: Problems and prospects, 1986, Working Paper No.75
  • S. Subramanian, Poverty and inequality in Tamil Nadu, 1986, Working Paper No.74
  • Sarajit Majumdar, Social formation and internal structure, 1986, Working Paper No.73
  • S. Subramanian, Rights and paretianism in a framework of fuzzy preferences (Working Papers 69 72 published as one volume), 1986, Working Paper No.72
  • S. Subramanian, Liberty, fairness and possibility of social choice, 1986, Working Paper No.71
  • S. Subramnaian, On trading personal liberty, 1986, Working Paper No.70.
  • S. Subramanian, Rights, consensus and optimum saving problems, 1986, Working Paper No.69
  • S. Subramanian, On constructing an index of discrimination: A brief note (Working Papers 65 68 published as one volume), 1986, Working Paper No.68
  • S. Subramanian, On a standard of living related index of aggregate, 1986, Working Paper No.67
  • S. Subramanian, An index of poverty and an index of inequality, 1986, Working Paper No.66
  • S. Subramanian, A generalisation of Gini based Lorenz Symmetry considerations, 1986, Working Paper No.65
  • P. Radhakrishnan, Caste discrimination in indigenous Indian education III:Study of early, 19th century Bombay Presidency, 1986, Working Paper No.64
  • P. Radhakrishnan, Caste discrimination in indigenous Indian education: Nature and extent, of education in early 19th century British India, 1986, Working Paper No.63

1985 - 1978

  • Jean Racine, Urban strategies in rural development: The spaces and dynamics of change in a district, 1985, Working Paper No.62
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the economy, 1985, Working Paper No.61
  • A. Vaidyanathan, Economic reform in China: Some impressions, 1985, Working Paper No.60
  • Padmini Swaminathan, Business houses in south India: A case study of structure and functioning of the TVS group, 1985, Working Paper No.59.
  • Padmini Swaminathan, The MRTP Act 1969 and concentration of economic power, 1985, Working Paper No.58
  • Nirmal Sengupta, Contract labour in Rourkela steel plant, 1985, Working Paper No.57
  • V.B. Athreya, Gangaikondan 1961 1984: Change and stability, 1985, Working Paper No.56
  • Nirmal Sengupta, Irrigation: Traditional vs modern, 1985, Working Paper No.55
  • K. Nagaraj, Towns in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh: A study of population and spatial configurations 1961 to 1981, 1985, Working Paper No.54
  • S. Guhan, Devolution criteria: From gamble to policy, 1984, Working Paper No.53
  • K. Bharathan, Dusi: A resurvey, 1984, Working Paper No.52
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the economy, 1984, Working Paper No.51
  • V.B. Athreya, Vadamalaipuram : Resurvey, 1984, Working Paper No.50
  • S. Guhan, Irrigation in Tamil Nadu: A survey, 1984, Working Paper No.49
  • Roland Lardinois, Famines, edpidemics and mortality in south India during the nineteenth century:The demographic crisis of 1876 1878 A reappraisal, 1984, Working Paper No.48
  • V.K. Ramachandran, A study of the Cumbum Valley Madurai district with particular reference to Gokilapuram village, 1984, Working Paper No.47.
  • P. Usha, The leather industry in Tamil Nadu: Its role and some aspects of its transformation during 1960 to 1978 79 as seen through the annual survey of industries, 1984, Working Paper No.46.
  • Padmini Swaminathan, Concentration in productive capacity, 1983, Working Paper No.45
  • U. Kalpagam, Labour market segmentation in a multistructural context and its implications on the female labour force, 1983, Working Paper No.44
  • V. Chandrasekara Naidu, National sample surveys data on household consumer expenditure : A critique, 1983, Working Paper No.43
  • S. Guhan, Palakurichi: A resurvey, 1983, Working Paper No.42
  • S. Subramanian, Paretianism, justice and liberalism in the theory of social choice, 1983, Working Paper No.41
  • S. Subramanian, Production risks and the choice of mode of tenancy: A theoretical note, 1983, Working Paper No.40
  • S. Subramanian, Some implications of the special bearer bonds scheme: An application of elementary supply demand analysis, 1983, Working Paper No.39
  • K. Bharathan, The special bearer bonds scheme pedigree and prospects, 1983, Working Paper No.38
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, A Mid year review of the economy, 1983, Working Paper No.37
  • Padmini Swaminathan, A study of production concentration in Indian industry : A statistical analysis of structure, 1983, Working Paper No.36
  • S. Subramanian, Some reflections on supply side economics and its theoretical antecedents (or) some unrecorded adventures of Alice in Wonderland, 1983, Working Paper No.35
  • K. Bharathan, The cotton handloom industry in Tamil Nadu: Some characteristics and aspects of change from the post independence Census data, 1983, Working Paper No.34
  • S. Majumdar and K. Nagaraj, Process of migration : An analysis of sample migrants in Madras urban agglomeration, 1983, Working Paper No.33.
  • P. Usha, Mechanisation and labour utilisation : The case of traditional workers in the leather industry of Tamil Nadu, 1983, Working Paper No.32
  • V.K. Ramachandran, Inequality in distribution of land holdings and assets among households in Gokilapuram village: A report from a field survey, 1983, Working Paper No.31
  • S. Guhan, The Finance Commission: A critique and a concept, 1982, Working Paper No.30
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Mid term review of the sixth plan and Mid term review of the economy, 1982, Working Paper No.29
  • S. Guhan and Joan P. Mencher, Iruvelpattu revisited, 1982, Working Paper No.28
  • John Harriss, Studies of small scale enterprises and urban labour in South India, 1982, Working Paper No.27
  • Sarajit Majumdar and K.Nagaraj, Immigration to Madras urban agglomeration, 1982, Working Paper No.26
  • K. Nagaraj and Sarajit Majumdar, Growth of Madras urban agglomeration, 1981, Working Paper No.25
  • K. Bharathan, Development through industrialisation: Analysis and case study of backward area development, 1981, Working Paper No.24.
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, A Mid year review of the economy, 1981, Working Paper No.23
  • Judith Heyar, Attempting to reach the rural poor? The small farmer development agency in Varandur village, Coimbatore, 1981, Working Paper No.22
  • S. Guhan, Health in Tamil Nadu: Facts and issues, 1981, Working Paper No.21.
  • E.S.Srinivasan assisted by G.N. Deenadayalan, Rural artisans in Tamil Nadu, 1981, Working Paper No.20
  • Barbara Harriss, The behaviour of farm product prices in Tamil Nadu: An investigation into the demands of the farmers movement, 1981, Working Paper No.19
  • U. Kalpagam assisted by Padma Balaji and M. Shiva Kumar, Female labour in small industry: The case of export garments, 1981, Working Paper No.18
  • C.T. Kurien, The scale factor in agriculture, 1981, Working Paper No.17.
  • S. Guhan, Rural poverty: A critique of the sixth plan's approach, 1981,Working Paper No.16
  • Malcolm S Adiseshiah, A Mid year review of the economy, 1981, Working Paper No.15
  • John Harriss, Contemporary Marxist analysis of the agrarian question in India, 1980, Working Paper No.14
  • Barbara Harriss, Coarse grains, coarse interventions: Part II state trading : A case study of dryland regions of India, 1980, Working Paper No.13
  • C.T. Kurien and Abdul Huq, An analysis of internal migration in Tamil Nadu, 1980, Working Paper No.12
  • Barbara Harriss, Coarse grains,coarse interventions: Part I regulated marketing : A case study of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, 1980, Working Paper No.11
  • C.T. Kurien, Social problems and social science, 1980, Working Paper No.10.
  • Barbara Harriss, Agricultural commerce and rural development in India: Resolving theoretical and substantive confusion, 1989, Working Paper No.8
  • Barbara Harriss, How to study agricultural marketing and how not to study it?, 1980, Working Paper No.7
  • John Harriss, The mode of production controversy: Themes and problems of debate, 1979, Working Paper No.6
  • V.N. Deshpande, Some methodological issues in the study of caste and class in the Indian village/rural social structure, 1979, Working Paper No.5
  • Malcolm S. Adiseshiah, Economics of non-formal education, 1979, Working Paper No.4
  • C.T. Kurien, The new development strategy: An appraisal, 1978, Working Paper No.3
  • Malcolm S. Adiseshiah, Mid year review of the Economy, 1978, Working Paper No.2
  • C.T. Kurien, The dynamics of rural transformation: A Case study of Tamilnadu, 1978, Working Ppaer No.1
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